Work from home Information you need to know about Freelancing or what is known as self-employment – ideaTipsPlus

Work from home Information you need to know about Freelancing or what is known as self-employment - ideaTipsPlus

Work from home Information you need to know about Freelancing or what is known as self-employment – ideaTipsPlus

The article was written for people who: —

1 – want to work as Freelancers.
2 – For people who know the lifestyle of Freelancers.
3- Every freelancer will start his career.

The La Jaya written points are from the experiences of the 1,1900-day Freelance Freelancers, including the Year Work From Home ONLY literally.

Finally, before the article began: Lea philosophy by saying that there is no need for its name advantages and disadvantages absolute because the point is possible to show the advantage you see a defect, so the points are written without prejudice to the superiority of the point or discontent from a second point.

1. Freelancer is free from routine daily routine to some extent.

2 – Freelancer need to manage his time effectively more than the fixed daily work schedules, it is necessary to set a specific date for the maintenance and maintenance and eat it and his family because if it is in a laboratory, it literally turns to the machine.

3 – Freelancer needed to create a suitable work environment, and an environment of his imagination by stimulating him to work, in addition to it creates a routine for the B, because if you sit in the same area on the Comfort Zone faster than the sound.

4 – Freelancer Manager himself, and a very great thing, which means you are the one who assigned to yourself the tasks and the Deadlines and you are the one who will change your job and you are passionate about yourself and you are Hatobkh yourself, and you need to do all of the high-quality aspirations because there is no limit to say you catch up with me and learn In the afterlife, if the quality is not high, then it will not be.

5 – Freelancer need to know himself constantly because he deprived himself of the opportunity of collective learning, which is possible to get the environment of a company, and he did not live himself constantly is not Hayeshtgl. I did not get a job.

6 – Freelancer the beginner and freelancer professional, all the difference between them after their experiences, management of themselves and their work and rules that Abtohha at any contract and the most important difference between the two is the commitment.

7 – Frilanser time and time with the convergence of social appearance less, and returned to be not Bicon temperament, it is the same social but the occupant control, as you will meet the carpenter always led by Reich Wood, Keda, the profession controls.

8 – Freelancer specialized better than the company based on One Man Show. Everything you seek in Major’s specialty is required in the market and your skills are provided in it. Everything you have is unique and everything you give yourself is an area where you learn deeper skills and Tricks and needs like that.

9 – The Freelancer has the possibility that it separates a day, but not a condition that adjusts the possibility of De with the same day, the patron of its circumstances: D

10 – Frilanser fixed monthly salary, possible in a month works and 6 months after the rental of the $ highest estimate.

11. As a result of the tenth point, the freelancer needs to learn and master the skills of Expense Management or Money Management.

12. Freelancer needs to specialize, de-point redundancy is important.

13- Most of the people Dwyer is not your job, I do not want you to do anything.

14. In many locations freelancing works independently, such as Upscale, etc. The sites have a large area and are estimated to be open.

15. But I am a freelance freelancer who works on Personal Branding – and you are interactive online and on the ground, with 90% of the job being done by my page and by announcing that I am on the job and finally through the recommendations. It does not mean that the sites above Mellish are needed, on the contrary, never at all.

16- In physical agreements, be explicit and specific and your heart is rigid as long as your job is respected, and either the payment keeps 50% paid by the customer receives their work text in the specified time and then the other 50% and receives the rest of the job, or the whole amount is provided. Any concessions that you make after you have dealt with the client for more than 6 months, for example, and met once or more, and the ease of concessions are entrenched in the value of the price of your business but in ways of payment. Not all customers are devils, but they are not all mullahs.

17- If Hatmshi with the system you mentioned in the payment at the point you missed, the quality of your job must be high, and your reputation is professional, your reputation is fair, your word is one, your job is not bad, the words of people in the field are not a monster, , Because no customer will agree on point 16 if you are confident in your reputation and the quality of your job.

18 – Market offer and demand, and the occupant who Majtalkh Enhardh, Heigilk other Bakr, and the client I worked with him once and for a while, and come back to me, the intention, make your tongue pleasant in your words about your customers and competitors, De Haikli who surrounds you and respect you even if you do not have any work.

19- I am not concerned that Freelancer is very expensive, does not mean that it is free, and the freelancer is the one who can do the price list for its services equal to the value of the time, effort and learning it produces, and be competitive in the market in which it operates.

20 – Partly you price your job Hatti with time and friction with the experiences of the same field and measure their work with your level of work, but you need to be a relatively constant price category.

21. Freelancer is a friend in all educational sites such as Udemy – Coursera Edraak .. Etc., the countries that Hatstmd them skills and information, countries that are influenced with time on the quality of your work and therefore Haialoa of your price category, Mfish Freelancer Bmaylmsh.

22 – The freelancer needs to learn patience – the length of the mind – the reply in a courteous and diplomatic manner – and bear the idea that he is dealing with customers directly and therefore it is necessary to be updated and the length of time.

23 – Freelancer (esteemed) Why Bacon Mimrvsh need toMarchMfrch, and no Bjhdha for others to implement it and not open the dowry and muddle, partial de very very important, and Yama clients spray work Tannan but (but if you do not need to sell your work, Of them), no project  or profit nor all this talk that interrupts your life with repetition.

24- You can work Freelancer for more than 200 jobs, role on freelance jobs and find as many job paths as you can.

25. Finally, the Freelancer is required to specialize, and the Koran is required to specialize.


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