Want to keep Freelancer? – ideaTipsPlus

Want to keep Freelancer? - ideaTipsPlus

Want to keep Freelancer? – ideaTipsPlus

Keeps the need to know the risks before you fear the subject

** Freestyle Lance possible income keeps folds which can be delayed Kratb in any company, but in the problems, if processed Do not eat.

** Post goal It illustrates the problems you fall in so that you Tjajla Before you start or rethink your decision that you are running Free Lancer.

———————————— ——————

1- Time Management:

In the traditional job you are busy with the length of the month and your paycheck whether you are in projects or if you are wasting your brain by running time, but

in the free mode, the situation is quite different Because time = money .. every time Btayrh Bieter of your income a lot .. If not Htqdr Teddy Your time Kues keeps Htkhosr Kteer Oi.

Vlazem before the thing taking Project studying Cush + considering approximate time Elly Heachdh you + Refine price based on like committed the time customer Ahanalmost impossible that he Asudlk price.

Monitor your time and Valley yourself evaluate and Look Elly Take your time and avoid it so that it will not be sprinkled in the future

—————————————— ———-

2- Determining the details of the project: The

the customer is not a person who understands it. He has to wait for the length of time. He wants it .. And be agreed with him that the root modifications You will be paid for what you give up because this is your right .. and you are cheating on yourself all the time and working for free, because you are not a slave, and you are not satisfied with our Lord and what is reached for the stage that the project is not saved and the amount is increased in return and you will reach the stage you are closing And did not complete the project ..

——————————————— ——-

3- Your personal life:

If you are busy in the company of your relationship to work at the end of the end of the working hours.

In the Free Lance subject is different you are busy with your mood at any time. But you do not feel that I do not have a flexible need but it A possible weakness can ruin your life.,

If you are working freelance you need to set a time for yourself to start working time the end of the job. After time de returns for your personal life and entertain yourself .. mean what Taatholsh Abdul to fill and operate daylight Ahan Simmered you time yourself Ttsd and what _iglh sincere.

——- ———————————————

4 – place employment:

I do not mean that you are freelancer that you are working in any place .. because if you worked like this Htlaglk dispersion or convergence limit cut your focus. There must be a specific place to work in it and force all the people around you They adhere to the dates in which you are engaged in it Disturbing bother you or deal with you as if you Exist.

try to be a place of work Hadi and organized and simple and Mfihosh need dispersion of your concentration .. and possible at some times You have to have a separate workplace completely from home.

—————————————- ————

5 – Monument:

there is no need for its name, work and if the job I like Hulk advance .. Mfish talk pure sincere

need to receive a deposit before the start of a job and what is afraid of livelihood If you wrote your Hijlk .. What you thirst Your soul is in one hand Bigger in you and possible in a moment I say I changed the opinion and not excited about the idea

——————————— ——————-

6- Develop from yourself:

You need to evolve from yourself constantly and learn all the new to be ready for any project requires you and because the needs of customers very much need to keep pace with each New.

———————————————– —–

7 – Type of sources of income:

Kfri Lancer, if God can not Tired or stood for a job for your income, is very affected .. Flazm is Lake more than a source of income. It is possible if you are a programmer working more than a product and be a follow-up job programming Litalb of you.

———— —————————————-

8 – Marketing yourself:

A better person goodIn your field and knows you know ??

This is the biggest problem you get at the beginning Kfri Lancer .. You need to shop yourself and buy your job so you need projects .. And possible at the beginning to download some of the free work so that people know you and take advantage of the social codes in marketing yourself.

——– ——————————————–

9 – Entertainment: The

most important Point .. You need to be Lake days vacation what you are in need of any other than you are separated from the atmosphere of work and luxury of yourself because it Dehaydlk activity Tani to complete the job and you Mesut


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