There are five things you should consider before you go to work – ideaTipsPlus

There are five things you should consider before you go to work - ideaTipsPlus

There are five things you should consider before you go to work – ideaTipsPlus


you areyour work and thirst for the pressure of your boss, a dream of comfort should be a stroke of your imagination: no president bothers you with endless work reports, working in your home wearing your nightgown and practicing your hobbies Without a sense of concern. As you think about these dreams and start another day of work waiting for the moment when you will leave behind everything and start your own business, you may spend a break looking at the success stories of entrepreneurs and wonder if they can achieve their dreams of getting a job. Why not try it too?


It sounds great when we portray it like that, right?


I believe that it is possible to transform dreams into reality, but your perception of reality is the most important because it is the starting point for achieving these dreams. The success stories you have read do not tell you what their owners are going through in their work, conflict, insecurity and the moments they doubt about themselves and Their options. All this suffering is hidden between the lines of stories you read.


When you visit a famous blog and see how easy it is to work, where bloggers and bloggers interact, respond to their comments and praise what you write, these themes will give you a false impression that this work is easy and effortless.


Today I will tell you about five things you should consider before you decide to join free entrepreneurs:


  1. Free work is not for everyone.

What you read is true. Free work is not difficult. You can do it, but you have to give up the mentality of the employee. directed and transformed into a businessman entrepreneur;

now youcharge, thereno one you dictate commands, you who manages and arranges and performs everything, so you have to raise yourself usually waking up early and adhere tofuture, to developplan forday and adhere to and achieve all its objectives. All your decisions will affect you, so act seriously, this is not a game.


  1. Find out what you love to do What will you do even if you do not get paid?


Did you find the answer? This answer is the spirit of work you need and you should appreciate.


And now I study! Read all that is under your hand about the profession you are interested in, join groups on social networking sites that share your passion and interact with them. Join the self-employment classes and educate yourself. In other words, be good at what you want to do by learning and applying.


Experience and failure are the best way to become an expert in your field, no matter how much you have learned if you do not apply it will remain just theories.


  1. Be an example of discipline

Discipline is one of the keys to success in the field of entrepreneurship. Is to have the will to wake up early, plan and stick to your plans, and work for hours without interruption.


Remember, success is not the number of hours you have worked, but the amount of work you have done and you are at maximum productivity and concentration; there are those who work 3 to 4 hours a day but do more work than those who spend 6 to 8 hours. To accomplish all your work with high professionalism and to earn your time and avoid fatigue be disciplined in your actions, committed to your decisions.


4 – Concentrate

This is the fourth step towards a successful future for this profession.


Once you discover your goal and strive to achieve it, focus on it day after day, whenever you face difficulties remember your goal, whenever others try to convince you to turn away from this profession remember your goal!


You will find that your family and friends have an opinion about what you should or should not do and will often disagree with you, but put your mind in it: By the end of the day, the person you should care about is his!


You are solely responsible for your happiness, and now make your decisions that will lead you towards this happiness.


  1. Make a backup plan

In all things of our lives, we must have a backup plan. The same goes for free work. It is very important to get rid of the financial burden, to focus on work, to be creative and to give your best, without worrying about bills or daily problems that may lose your work and effort so be sure to cover them for at least several months. The backup plan involves getting a regular, paid customer away from financial difficulties, and do not forget to keep notes that show you your invoices and deadlines where you should pay customers, even if they forgot the time of payment you reminded them nicely.


Some may tell you that it is best to start freelancing as a side job, and when you get enough clients you can leave your job and start a job as a full-time job. In my opinion, there is no solution that suits everyone. The decision, in the end, depends on your circumstances and the type of work you do. For example, I worked at the amusement park, and my job is specifically to manage the customer service center. For me, working part-time in another job was difficult, and I always asked myself why I did my best in this work. Which I really want to exercise.


If you work from 9 am to 5 pm without extra hours and even if you have a family, you can follow a different way, wake up early before the children to complete your projects. Or you can simply quit your job, then devote yourself to a month or time to create your own business.


In conclusion,

when you read the stories of some successful independents, you must have thought that it is easy to create a special work. But I assure you it is not easy. It takes a lot of time to make the right decisions, a lot of science, preparation and communication with the pioneers in the field of self-employment who aspire to be like them when you grow your business. You will feel insecure, you may doubt yourself and your decisions, but you will overcome all this in the end. You will find the job that you love and you will never be able to stay without doing it.


It takes a lot of diligence, focus, and discipline to accomplish it, and we should not forget the contingency plans. Always be ready to work hard and remember that making smart decisions will save you a lot of effort. You have to know that free work does not suit everyone. If it does not suit you, it is something that you feel passionate about and is doing well.


Translation -opt SRV- essay Five Things You Should Know Before Launching for owner Gina Horkey.


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