The best way to work from home and with the detailed explanation – ideaTipsPlus

The best way to work from home and with the detailed explanation - ideaTipsPlus

The best way to work from home and with the detailed explanation – ideaTipsPlus


Treasure No. 1  I heard before you about the need for the name of work from your home Subject Basayat and important to me


I will explain on a small example of an ad on the website (in pictured) in the small ad.


Title: Need. Budget $ 30.00 – Posted 1 day ago


Job Description

We need a person who can translate our business document (s) (Marketing Brochure (s) of 1500 words) into Arabic. We have already finalized the text in English.


On the right is written information about the employer and his nationality etc.

It is an example of a simple advertisement German employer and wants someone to translate a marketing catalog for his company from English to English where 1500 words and do not want to choose him uses Google The estimated budget is 30 US dollars to translate the words and you want to get rid of the translation before 4 January 2014 What is written on the right.

I brought you and you from Egypt, and brought Arab youth from all his life in Jordan, Amman, Kuwait, and others, and he is sure to have experience and profile in the models of translation and to the establishment of the Interview is to win the job and to be saved in the specified time and HAYAKHED AL FALUS WITH A PRICE OF $ 30



View all posts on the site you will have two types of

Fixed Price Job in the announcement and the first to pay you to get rid of a job with the man and to get the job at the specified time.

Or Hourly Jobs and from the name if you are running on the computer a number of hours and calculated by the site program called Tracker and be guaranteed Paid site calculated that you have been in front of the computer to remove the translation and Biachd Screenshots I gave to the employer. But in the Fixed Price, you are required to get rid of the job at a certain time and therefore do not need a program that calculates the number of hours worked.


Ok, I’m giving Azai?

By working Akont on the site Zhi Maanshrp and make progress on the job of Apply for this job and waiting for the employer to talk to you if interested in that he works with you prefer the most expensive ok means I??

Overall the site has 20 applications. You may have followed up on 20 different jobs and you have decided to withdraw your application at any time.

As for the translation function, you are the only one who spoke to the employer, unless he agrees or asks you for your data Bismarck offers you a Debit Card from a company called Payoneer Bacon is free of course and you should find your home address after a month and can withdraw your money from any ATM in Egypt ?

If you have Paypal, you can pay the money on it or account in a bank in Egypt, but it is certainly expensive in the transaction fees itself.

Is it possible to work more than one job at a time?

Sure Mafeesh needs Pettmnek long as you committed to your job.


A good Elly Hihsal means what-what Ostglh Kues?

After each job, you and your employer write feedback about some.

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For almost every need there is data entry – Sales

Computer-related problems IT – CS – Translation – Writing – Articles – Politics and you are working Akont choose the areas of interest in which the progress or remain featured.


Ok in a lot of people engaged in speech?


in all profiles, they are working under some of the feedback and refund, as well as the time they joined and the last time they worked and all the things


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