The best applications for translation from your mobile – without internet – ideaTipsPlus

The best applications for translation from your mobile - without internet - ideaTipsPlus

The best applications for translation from your mobile – without internet – ideaTipsPlus


Best applications for translation from your mobile – without Internet The best 5 translation programs for your phone android The applications of simultaneous translation of written texts contains a large number of translation dictionaries from Arabic to English from English to Arabic or from … Application Meanings


If you are not fluent in many languages or are currently learning new languages, having a translation application in your phone is necessary to make it easier for you to either translate strange words that come across you or to learn new words. Tt Coordination of translation in your phone easier you communicate with whole world process especially in a digital world which we live and which the language difference longer barrier between users interprocess communication, and it very useful for people who travel a lot around the world and helps them integrate orally and writing in the new place.


Here we will present your group of specialized translation in all areas applications and that we see the workplace in your


Phone: Microsoft Translator -best translation application for use without Internet


Rating on Google Play Store 4.5 your translation Microsoft application for Android with sleek design, provides you translation writing and sound for more than 60 It also provides you with many features such as text translation on images, sharing translation for other applications, translating instant conversations for two people on the same phone, hearing your voice translation to help you improve spelling, and you can download languages for your phone and translate Without the need for your Internet connection, the translation database size is about 200 MB per language.


Download the application from Google Play Store


Download Microsoft Translator


Translate Voice – the best application for voice translation evaluation on Google Play Store 4.1


If you want a unique application of voice translation, we recommend this application which has the best voice recognition feature. You can speak a full word or phrase and the application will be instantly translated. The application can translate more than 80 languages and it retains the previous translations. Great when busy and in a situation where you can not write. The application is completely free and worth the experience.


Download the application from the Google Play Store DownloadVoice


EasyLanguage Translator – The best application in simplifying translation Evaluation on Google Play Store 4.3


The translation application is characterized by speed and simplicity, it is also ideal for beginners and helps them in writing and pronunciation, the application supports 79 different languages, Text and vice versa, also you can save some translations in your favorites and other features.


Download the app from Google Play Store Download Easy Language Translator


iTranslate – best Ttaibq inaccuracytranslation


Rating on Google Play Shop 4.4 if you need accurate translation this application is your goal, it gives you best result translation for more than 90 different languages writing and voice, you can hear different dialects same language around world, as the rapid translationWhile typing your words, share your translations and save them in the app, the app is free and contains ads that you can get rid of by purchasing the paid version.


Download the app from Google Play Store Download iTranslate


Google Translate – the best application in all respects


Rating on Google Play Play 4.4


A translation application that offers you all the services you want which you do not know you want. There is one application, the Google Translate application that works with all the applications you can translate directly from Chrome browser, Facebook and others, supports more than 100 languages around the world, you can download 52 languages for your phone and translation without an Internet connection, directly translate from the camera to about 29 languages, translate from your phone to 37 languages, translate the pen on your mobile screen and much more. Of the features provided by our famous Google company.


Download the application from our website Download Google Translate


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