Stormkino – adaptive movie template for DLE 12

Stormkino - adaptive movie template for DLE 12

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Download Free Stormkino – adaptive movie template for DLE 12

We present to your attention another template for online cinemas called Stormkino. Immediately it should be noted that this template is adaptive, like most other modern ones. The top of the template is a logo, search form, social network buttons and profile avatar. Next comes the slider, which shows the new items on the site in the form of posters. News can be sorted and displayed in two forms – like regular articles and posters. The version with posters is shown in the screenshot. On the posters there is a rating in the form of “Like or Dislike”, as well as the name of the studio that voiced the film. There is a place to describe the site or any other text. Also stylized view of the block with new comments.

Author of redesign: @Skuchniy

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