Kinogoprofi – movie template for DLE 12

KINOGO2 movie template for DLE 12

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Download Free Kinogoprofi – movie template for DLE 12

The template was made more than six months ago to order. The task was to make very very close in appearance. There is such a feature, which is 100 years old at lunch – to make clones of popular sites and so receive some of their large traffic. This feature worked back in 1937 with chips. No, it works now. You see no differences, although they exist – this is how it works! Now the template is on sale by agreement with the owner. You can not search for a site, now this template is not there. This is not a rip, this is a new template, made from scratch, adaptive, clean, even (rip this will not offer you).

Author: Redissx
Template Type: Original (Adaptive)
Version DLE: 11.3 / 12.0 / 12.1
Tested: Mozilla, IE, Opera
Equipment: template, psd, instruction

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