KinoBar movie template for DLE 12

KinoBar movie template for DLE 12

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Download Free KinoBar movie template for DLE 12

KinoBar – template for DataLife Engine 12.x for movie sites. Compact listing of movies, ratings and more.

Complete set: PSD logo, template
Author: Redissx

1. The plot of the film appears in the window when you hover the mouse over the icon, and this plot is loaded from the full news, and is not hidden on the page.
2. Large slider is easy to manage without sacrificing convenience. Ship 2 pictures in a short description: the first one is a regular poster, the second one is a big one under the slider. Everything, now in the slider is big, and as the film goes lower, then an ordinary poster is automatically displayed. Also in the ajax slider, uploading pictures, that is, everything does not load right away and saves traffic.The window with the story is loaded ajax th of the full news

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