How do freelancer work in translation? – ideaTipsPlus

How do freelancer work in translation? - ideaTipsPlus

How does freelancer work in translation? – ideaTipsPlus

Any limit trying to provide a need to serve people need to determine the goals of the need and we are our goal of the post, we spread among the people the culture of the use of the Internet as a field of work and the acquisition of skills and experiences instead of what we use in wasting time and shorten ourselves years of disobedience ..

The post da is important for everyone who is a student in the faculties of languages and translation and any language has a language other than its original language and can be used in that it translates from a language to a language.

*** The first but want to know how to appreciate we work through the Internet ??

Free work is a work that is not linked to a company or institution, but it is a task or a job that is provided by different clients from all over the world by combining them with specialized international sites for this purpose, in which employers and employers take part for a percentage deducted from one of the parties (10% 15%) or annual or semi-annual subscription according to the site’s policy. (On the idea that we have shortened the subject Da Petcal in lectures)

**** How to work remained ??
– Participate in more than the site of Z (upwork and freelancer)
– Studying the site you subscribe to and know the requirements because the sites do not choose any limit from which to sell tests and interview upwork.
– Work yourself a portfolio in which you express yourself and the needs that you were working before Keda (which is special to your domain)
– Choose the customers carefully Tauk and show the rate Brahm because the focus is on you.
– Get rid of the job required of you on time and I wish before the time if possible because you are late.
– Mendes offers on the job you Mtabrkh you do because if you Almtlush employer Hiddink bad evaluation and your reputation is not left Quesa.
– Transfer money to the nearest bank of your country (via PayPal).

** Months workplaces ??
What are the most popular job sites?
** Which Biz free work for the field of career currently you are estimated to be working in which you love and shared it and yet. Without routine and boredom and every day a new. Whether you are a student or you have six home and your family life does not give you the opportunity All you are required to do is sell someone who organizes his time.
Negi remained sites: –

1 – UpWork after merging Elance and Odesk into a single entity named upwork become stronger position the world infield of freelance and where people mainly site B_igl mesh is meshing them and persecuted job.
2 – Freelancer started in 2004 and is famous for its very high demand.
3 – Freelancer is an easy site that you are working on and you start looking for a job that you do quickly.
4 – Fiverr any service offered on the site da $ 5.
5 – Pros and Da is a specialized site in the field of translation and people can see that it is expensive in terms of a financial system to follow.

course noo limit in Les freedom he Heshetgl decide onsite specialized in field translation and Heshetgl in specialized sites every need.

**needs thoughts them and thinking you Ergonomics freelancer: –

1 – You involved in unknown locations or infield Lessa Ptbdo self-employment.
2 – You are violating the laws of the site and you need to be more conservative than your name.
3 – You offer a job higher than your abilities or is required by the needs of you do not know how to work (I think I am Gultalk Blaash)
4 – Variable time that you agreed with the client, if you liked your reputation, you are the other referral in the field: D –
5 – and respond to deal with the client () The
6customer knows that he is working far away from the site, and he is going to travel to him (Al-Ola Kufa, another Aiyehiyeh …)Away
7 -from the suspicious job, my friend, Ashan Mafish Akhtar from him.


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