From your home and free .. English lessons privacy – ideaTipsPlus

From your home and free .. English lessons privacy - ideaTipsPlus

From your home and free .. English lessons privacy – ideaTipsPlus


love any language remains Mtmhrach traditional ways we were educated in school .. Language tickets required in competitions and games in many sites to offer lessons to learn English But bacon problem We are in need We measure the extent of our understanding, limit Asahhalha and understand us Gtuna eh .. like private lesson But the net if your tickets as de, at same time Want much encourages you and Taatnafssoa Sawa, and be intend Beoghecm Ahan Mtxloh ..article de remains Higir your life Bnteklm from site and application Memariz months to teach many Of languages for free


Memriseideasite by variety of courses to suit all age groups and levels


Memrise house site


First: Akont works on the site, and then choose the language you love studying


Secondly: You will have hundreds of courses and each one of them will have a brief description of their contents. You have the freedom to choose among them according to your level,


Thirdly: After choosing a course, the course will begin


Fourth: After each lesson, you will receive short tests in the form of entertaining games and degrees to measure the extent of your understanding,


even if you were wrong in the question of why you misunderstood him, and prefer to return you to the extent that you respond


correctly, even in the part of Fahmthoosh, you can repeat such a time to the extent you mastered


not necessarily .. You and your owner tickets Sawa, and the site starts to drop you in the competition and centers of the Big Peugeot points or higher lessons learned faster


Memrise Link site The site in total more than excellent and learned to enjoy and teams with a lot of people and reached the level of professional




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