Coursera Mobile Application – ideaTipsPlus

Coursera Mobile Application - ideaTipsPlus

Coursera Mobile Application – ideaTipsPlus


We often spend a lot of time in transportation, metro or other every day. If you are a smart phone and have a wi-fi at home, focus on the two words.

One of the courteous needs of Coursera Mobile Application, for example, is that it allows you to save videos on your mobile so that they are with you when you are offline.

If you love what you use the mobile internet package before you go out, save for some of the first videos you see, and take advantage of the small leisure time of the day that you do the first review of your videos (your headphones, your mobile and live).

After you do not get tickets at home, it is easier and easier to get notes. It is possible as if the place of Mavihosh Net works the same words.

Feature The videos of most courses have videos under about 15 minutes, so you do not have much space on your mobile, or much of your time to watch them.


Note: –

If you do not spend time only, it does not mean that I am a video player. You need to stay at a later time to concentrate, take notes and solve tasks.

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