Best Site and application – ideaTipsPlus

Best Site and application - ideaTipsPlus

Best Site and application – ideaTipsPlus


site and application of Favorite: helps you to learn the pronunciation of words, provides more than two million words can be heard pronunciation in more than one language such as Arabic, English, French, Italian or Spanish and other languages.

The site is able to improve your listening skills significantly, along with the skill of speaking violin and appreciate the full benefit of the great site.


Full details the best possible experience for listening and learning pronunciations in 300 languages. Recently awarded with Time’s 50 Best Websites of 2013.




* Search for words and get a native pronunciation.


More than 2,500,000 pronunciations available.


* Compare different accents for the same word in the same language.


* Listen to male or female voices.


* Keep a history file of your recently listened pronunciations.


* Top words: The most popular pronunciations. Enjoy and listen faster to 1,000 popular words in every language.


* Learn to speak any language at last!


* English pronunciation, French pronunciation, German pronunciation, Chinese pronunciation, Spanish pronunciation and 300 more.


Official Website from here


Download the application for Android from here


from here  Download the application for


His books: Ahmed Zidan


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