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How do freelancer work in translation? - ideaTipsPlus

Easy Freelancer Works From Home !! – ideaTipsPlus


Agreed that you need to have a certain skill or to provide a specific service limit. So you get in exchange for the money means the money is not Htigi of heaven and does not keep a millionaire in two days.

But sweet you stay busy and grab the dollar and deal with people from around the world.


We begin

1 – Free Freelancing Freelance

Websites (www.elance.com, www.upwork.com  www.freelancer.com  ) The idea of the sites that you are afraid to meet Taskat offered by people in need. In all areas remained different and advanced it and say the price to you if you choose to start working and receive your money!


2 – services market Microtasks Marketplaces

famous sites (www.Fiverr.com, www.peopleperhour.comin de type you Ptkhc offering price Btaatk service to you and what Ayza Igilk request his extradition means example(I Hamlk Design vs. $ 50)

feature sites You can start on the length of yourself your services


3 – affiliate marketing

idea commission – need a little marketing skills – in the companies Ktir open Avital program, in short, You keep your task you help the company sells more and take a percentage of each piece!

The Httfaja that most big sites and fiddle small then affiliate program respectable


4 – ads 

income Type (Google Adsense or Youtube partnership program)

the idea simply that if you have Traavik (on your website or YouTube channel) appreciates the transformation of money by you allow Google it derogatory ads by

– Iwo means every time you show an advertisement on YouTube you earn the video owner


5 – Work Survey

in the site of an experienced person in Egypt named


His idea is that you are taking a place in a mall close to you, asking him for a cam, and you can see the response of the people, the prices, his work, how and what kind of information is possible, but what is important is that you have to join the company and you are submitting the report correctly.


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