6 useful apps from Google probably not tried before – ideaTipsPlus

6 useful apps from Google probably not tried before - ideaTipsPlus

6 useful apps from Google probably not tried before – ideaTipsPlus


Google Inc. has many popular applications. The company has several applications within the family of 1 billion users such as Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and Chrome browser.


But there are a lot of useful and unique applications from Google, which are less popular than the one billion applications and may not have tried before.


In this topic, we review with you 6 useful applications from Google


Snapseed is a professional image editor that offers many powerful features to improve and modify images.


The app includes a set of filters, effects, and modes that help the user take better pictures such as face enhancement mode, dual exposure mode, and black and white mode.


The application supports working with RAW images and adjusting the image manually or automatically along with all basic tools such as rotation, cropping, adding text, adjusting colors, adjusting contrast, brightness, and more.


Download: Android iOS


The application Google Duo


The duo is an application that allows users around the world to make video calls in an easy and direct way.


The application has a very simple interface, and the ability to make video calls quickly either over Wi-Fi networks or using phone data.


Google recently supported voice calls through the app if you can not make a video call.


Download: Android iOS




Wallpaper is the official wallpaper application from Google, gives you the most out of your phone screen by adding beautiful wallpapers and advanced features.


The application offers a wide variety of backgrounds in different categories, with the possibility of choosing your favorite categories to get a new background every day in the category of favorites.


You can also choose one of your own photos, a Google Earth collection, a Google Plus view, and more.


To download: Android


Google Trip App


If you’re looking for a useful application while you’re traveling, you may want to try the Google Trips app that helps travelers plan holidays and trips in an organized and smart way and get full information about their destinations without hassle.


The application makes it easy for users to explore the world by organizing basic information in one place and then making it available to the user even when they do not have an Internet connection.


Google Trips is the user’s travel guide. Each in-app trip includes a variety of categories including day plan, reservations, activities to do during the trip, food and drinks, remote locations and more.


The application offers personal recommendations for places and sights of 200 cities around the world based on other travelers’ visits, as well as recommendations for activities based on location, weather and time.


To download: Android iOS


YouTube VR


application With YouTube VR you can navigate and explore YouTube in a 3D virtual reality environment where you can watch 360-degree videos along with standard rectangular videos.


Download: Android


application PhotoScan PhotoScan


is application scanner lets you scan your images to print and save the favorite using a camera phone, where You will be able to retain old body idealyour pictures digital images free of glare?


Download: Android iOS


Source: Arab Gateway Technical News


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