5 Arabic books you can not miss reading about self – employment – ideaTipsPlus

5 Arabic books you can not miss reading about self - employment - ideaTipsPlus

 5 Arabic books you can not miss reading about self – employment – ideaTipsPlus

If you plan to explore the free business for the first time or want to see more of its areas and how to boost your profits, here are the top 5 books published in the last few months that were sponsored by Hassoun Academy. All books are free and in Arabic. So let us quickly sail between its sides.

1 – Your guide to starting online work through a revolutionary start against everything that is “typical” and a call to destroy any misconceptions about the best way of life that a person should live. 92 pages in its distinctive style revealing a broader and more expansive horizon of the concept of work .. Free work over the Internet where there are no temporal restrictions and no space to practice.


Amr began comparing the lifestyle of two people. One working as an employee with a traditional job with all their commitments, another online worker, and how the best working day is more likely to be the same. There is no wasted time in transportation back to work, no place for you to do your job. Just for a laptop, an internet connection and nothing else.

As for the methods of working on the Internet itself, the writer devoted the third chapter to explain all the mechanisms of implementation and features and comparisons between each other, divided into six main ways: the establishment and sale of digital products.

  • Commission Marketing.
  • Specialized blogging and profit from selling advertising space or participating in any advertising program.
  • Create paid subscription sites.
  • Provide mini-services.
  • Work as an independent.

The book concludes with a reminder of the most important services that can be offered online and still popular, such as translation, social networking, blogging, content creation, etc., along with advice on how to make it special.

Download the book.

2 – your guide to selling digital products “Any electronic product can be dealt with through computers, mobile phones and tablets can be defined as a” digital product “.. This includes e-books, pictures, video files, lines, design templates for sites, etc.”. This is the abbreviation of the author of “Mohammed Al-Zaer” for the digital product, and its types at the beginning of his guide to the sale of digital products.

The writer also wrote success stories for several characters who were able to achieve a unique volume of sales and income from the creation of digital products and offered for sale as Fouad Badawi, who became famous as the famous rose brand “Newspaper” and achieved sales volume exceeded 12000 sales and a million dollars net profit, and Hugh Howey Whose monthly income was only about $ 150,000 from the sale of his novel Wool electronically.

  • The third chapter is devoted to the three main ways to deal with digital products and gain them while mentioning the advantages of each method and the difference between them and the other methods:
  • marketing for other digital products.
  • Set up your own digital product.
  • Set up the task of setting up your digital product for someone else.

The book is very rich in detail; things such as how to prepare the digital product, and then marketing and after-sales has been covered most aspects in a smooth manner cannot easily be absorbed by the specialist. I advise you to read it, and to the last page!

Download the book.

3 – your guide to working as a commission marketer Do you not like the way to create and sell digital products? So what do you think to be marketed commission ?! In this book, “Riad Samer” circulates around the world of commission marketing, starting with the basics through a complete chapter explaining the concept of marketing commission and its parties, through the types of marketing offers commission to reach the most important skills that should be enjoyed by the marketer to achieve the best possible results .

  • Starting from the second chapter, Riyad began to explain at length all the practical steps that any marketer needs to market all types of offers, divided into four main stages:
  • the preparation stage for marketing.
  • Attracting targeted visitors.
  • Phase analysis results.
  • Development stage.

Most likely you will not need to read the book except for practical application directly; it is rich in detail and you can rely entirely on it to build a complete strategy to act as a commission marketer. Enjoy reading!

Download the book.

4 – Landing Pages Manual

  • Have an electronic product and intend to sell it yourself?
  • Do you have an offer and want to market his commission?
  • Do you have a product/service and would like to sell it through your site?

If you answer yes, you probably need the so-called Landing Pages, which Majid Atwi defined in his 118-page guide as “a very simple web page in design and content. The words express the marketing message that the company wants to deliver to the visitor, and then urge him to subscribe to the mailing list in return for receiving a valuable gift of his interest. “

Atwi then proceeded to a detailed explanation of the five main landing page components: 

  • Effective design.
  • Marketing message.
  • Application form.
  • Call action.
  • Catalyst.
  • He has reviewed the best ways to build landing pages and how to perform A / B tests, and the most important mistakes to avoid when they are created.

The author outlined the last chapter to show 7 practical cases to improve the performance of landing pages, track the impact of that improvement using the Google URL Builder, and how to bring targeted visitors through paid ad campaigns citing adverbs as an example.

Download the book.

5 – Your way to free work online We conclude this collection with the book “Your way to work online free” – the highest up to date on the Academy – where the author “Amir drink” to the platforms for freelance “independent”, and “five” of the services of the mini-stories The success of individuals who have sold hundreds of services and achieved distinct profits through these platforms. Shurrab stressed the need to pay attention to the completion of your personal profile of those who wish to purchase your services optimally, build a template for pricing your services provided on those platforms, and that skills such as communication, negotiation, persuasion and time management are essential to Freelancer. The desired success.

Download the book.

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